New Project Request

The office of Marketing and Communications partners with other offices on projects that will strategically meet our shared goals. Project requests should be submitted well in advance of the final deadline so that the project goals and details can be discussed and resources and availability can be determined.

As resources allow, we will fulfill project requests through design (graphics and publications), photography (stock and new photos) and editorial support.  With your content expertise our marketing and communication skills and experience, we can effectively reach the correct audience in the most effective manner.


  1. Requester submits a New Project Request to include the goals, content and desired outcome.
  2. Marketing and Communications evaluates the request and responds within two business days. Approval depends on goals, other priorities and availability of resources (personnel, budget and time).
  3. A consultation may be requested to discuss deliverables and deadlines. Print projects should include time for the print and delivery.
  4. A draft will be sent to the requester.
  5. The requester will review content and submit feedback according to the project timeline.
  6. Marketing and Communications will implement revisions and conduct a final review the content and design.
  7. The final draft will be sent to the requester.
  8. Requester will approve final project.  It is the requester’s responsibility to carefully review for accuracy. Project completion may be delayed with further revisions.


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