The Master of Arts in Counseling degree program provide students with knowledge about psychological theory, counseling techniques, and assessment to equip students to address real-world issues from a biblical worldview.

Courses for this degree will be offered on the TMU campus two days each week providing a flexible schedule for students who plan to work while completing the program. Students can choose to take morning courses, evening courses, or both.

Master of Arts in Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the program typically take?

If a student goes full-time, it typically takes 1 ½ years.

  1. Do you have a program of study that I could reference? (i.e. which classes are recommended each semester)

You can see our course checklist online; we encourage students to work with the registrar to determine what courses to take. Online students progress through the program with a cohort and have designated courses to take each semester. On campus students have more flexibility.

  1. Are there tours available for grad students?

Yes, you can call graduate admissions to schedule a tour.

  1. When are the application deadlines?
  • Fall Admissions deadline July 18
  • Spring Admissions deadline Nov 1
  • Summer Admissions deadline May 1
  1. How often do classes meet?

Our on-campus classes meet one day a week (either Monday or Tuesday); some students choose to come both days and many just come to campus once a week.

  1. How many classes are week-long intensives?

Intensives are designed for online students, but residential students may request permission to take an intensive. There are 2 intensives in the Master of Arts in Counseling. Intensives meet on campus one week (Monday-Friday) to complete class lectures and homework assignments will be turned in online afterwards. We believe some content is best mastered in person.

  1. How many credits can I transfer from another institution?

For transfer requirements, the Counseling Faculty will review prospective candidate transfers on a case by case basis, but transfer credit may be accepted. Should a transfer be granted, admission requirements must be met. A maximum of 9 transfer credit hours will be accepted for the Master of Arts in Counseling.

*Students interested in adding the Sports Psychology Endorsement may have additional requirements and can email Dr. Fowler at for more information.