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A heart for the Gospel, Stevens yearns to share Christ
by Emily Grooms

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews) – Late one Friday evening, Caleb Stevens sat under the open midnight sky. He waited to hear a word from his Savior, the one he came to meet. It was Sept. 10, 2010 and Stevens was called to evangelism.
As a Truett-McConnell freshman, Stevens knew he wanted to be used by God as he sat near the campus cross. He had searched the Scriptures and came across 2 Timothy 4.5, "But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry."
"I prayed about it from September to February and told no one," Stevens said. "Then, the second week of February, the Lord gave me peace and I drove home to tell my parents."

A Solid Foundation
Committing his life to sharing the Gospel and making the name of Jesus known, Stevens relies on the foundational truths taught to him by his parents.
"I have very godly parents," said Stevens, whose home church is First Baptist, Whitsett, N. Car. "My mom is a prayer warrior and my dad is a soul winner. I've never known somebody who witnesses to people like he does."
At five years old, Stevens experienced God for the first time. It was his father, Tim Stevens, who led him to Christ on a Sunday night one summer. Caleb went to his dad and told him he wanted to be saved. Fearing his son was too young to fully understand, Stevens encouraged Caleb to wait until he was older.
"I thought about it some more," Stevens said, "and I knew if I died that night, I wouldn't have a relationship with Jesus. I went back to my dad and told him. He then knew that I understood and that night I asked Jesus into my life."
As Stevens grew older, his parents continued to influence his walk with God. "Growing up, every night my dad made sure I had my quiet time," he said. His mother, Tina, modeled a life of prayer, and Stevens claims one of his fondest memories of his mother is finding her in her room, on her knees praying.

A Heart for Ministry
Stevens lives for opportunities to encounter people with the Gospel. "My mission field is every-day contact with people," he said. "Whether it's the lady at the gas station or if I'm at the beach talking to a surfer, we are all precious in God's sight."
An avid coffee drinker and a regular at the Starbucks near his home, Stevens shared how everyday contact can transition into an opportunity to share Christ: "That's mine and my dad's favorite thing to do; we go to Starbucks and it's just anyone that we come in contact with, that's a mission field. That's an opportunity from the Lord to witness and share Christ."
Stevens explained another such opportunity to share the gospel is his role at Truett-McConnell as a dormitory resident assistant (RA).
"My aim and pursuit in being an RA is to see young guys come to know the Lord," he said. "It's investing in these guys lives and being an example of Christ to those who are believers and those who aren't." Stevens said his RA role provides "an open door" to share the love of Christ. Having been instrumental in two salvations in the dorms already, Stevens said his time invested in ministry in the dorm has been well worth it.

Committed to the Call
"I want others to have what I have. That's my heart with witnessing and soul winning," Stevens said.
Stevens shared his desire to be obedient to God's calling in his life: "What I want to do is preach. I'm just praying and trusting the Lord for open doors right now with opportunities to preach at different churches."
His experience with Christ is something Stevens said he has "never gotten over."
"Knowing God wants a relationship with me is motivation to have daily communication with Him," Stevens said. "There's got to be the same communication with God as there is in earthly relationships, but even more so."
Stevens constantly reminds himself that each day lived is for the Lord. "That's my heart. I draw breath today, and I truly believe God has given me breath today to make Him known to somebody."
"When you know what you've been given, you want others to have it," he said.
Truett-McConnell has helped prepare Stevens for his life's calling: "The Lord has taught me so much while being here, and there are things that I'll take away from this college that will be with me the rest of my life."
"What the leadership has poured into my life cannot be measured," Stevens said. "Dr. Caner, Dr. Reynolds, and Mr. Eppling have taught me so much about how to do ministry and how to care about people and care for their souls. This is what I'll take away most from being here at Truett-McConnell."


Emily Grooms is a Truett-McConnell senior English major and a freelance writer for the college.

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