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Chalice Price:                                                                                                                                     model student, model athlete, model missionary

by Norm Miller

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews)--Chalice Price needed $1,800 to help fund an overseas mission trip. And she needed the money in a hurry. Students from Truett-McConnell College were to leave for the trip in a few days -- less than a week.

"I prayed for God to help me find the money," said Price, a soccer standout at the Cleveland, Ga., school.

With zero hour approaching, Price agreed to help a family friend who was overseeing an estate auction, but with one condition: that she could have a "donation jar" on site so auction attendees could contribute toward her mission trip.

As Price shuffled auction items around, she noticed a non-descript tin box on a shelf. She opened it.

Price had prayed for God to help her find the money for the trip, and find money she did.Chalice1Chalice Price (right) is a formidable opponent who plays center middle for TMC.                                                           Photo / Norm Miller Including money she also found in two other similar boxes, Price discovered $60,000.

"Two weeks before the auction, many people had been in the house to get it ready for the auction," Price told TMCNews. "No one found the boxes -- not even during the two hours before the auction. Anyone could have found it and taken it -- stolen it. But I found it. It was a miracle I found it. It was so awesome. I held sixty-thousand dollars in my hands."

True to her character, Price secured the money and gave it to the auctioneer, reiterating her need for mission trip money.

Days later, the estate's attorney gave Price a check for $2,000, and the world missions major had 200 bucks to spare for her mission trip.

"I was stressing about the eighteen hundred dollars," Price said. "I would have to work for that money while in school. But God said, 'I have all of this, and I will give you what you need.'"

Pharmacist or model?

Deeply interested in science, Price initially enrolled at Truett-McConnell in pursuit, ultimately, of a pharmacy career.

"I changed my major to world missions because I wanted to go into the field of modeling," Price said, "so I could share the Gospel in an industry that is far from God."

ChalicePrice2"I changed my major to world missions because I wanted to go into the field of modeling," Price said, "so I could share the Gospel in an industry that is far from God."                                    Photo / Lillian CottinghamHaving already worked for a Christian modeling agency, Price is no stranger to the runway. She said that, when she was a child people told her she should be a fashion model. "But I thought it was a trick to make me dress up," she said.

"I wanted to do pharmacy because I like science," she said. "But modeling is out of my comfort zone, and I want to be a tentmaker. I will have to talk to people, and that will make me have a definite dependence on God."

Soccer and standards

Price said soccer drew her to Truett-McConnell, and soccer was her single focus. "Our team motto is 'family first, team second,'" she said. "Playing on a college soccer team that puts players above the wins and the stats on the score sheet – it's amazing that this can be done."

"Soccer is what brought me here, but Truett-McConnell is the door that grabbed my attention and let me see there is more that I could be doing for God," Price noted. "I know God was in my coming to Truett-McConnell."

"Coming here was a fresh start," she added. "I was saved when I was 9, but I never really followed God's will for my life. At Truett-McConnell is where I actually started having a quiet time with the Lord and started to focus my life on where God wants me to go."

"I love the family atmosphere at Truett-McConnell, and I would recommend this school to anyone," Price said.

Price said some friends encouraged her to enroll in another college, but she opted for Truett-McConnell and is glad she did, noting that those friends have wandered away from God and into the partying lifestyle.

The standards of expected behavior at TMC "help us keep close to God," Price said. "In today's world, society has lowered the standards, but our school keeps the standards where they should be."

Set to graduate in December, the Lady Bears soccer team captain will pursue the modeling career to which she is called. And she credits Truett-McConnell for preparing her to tell "people in the fashion industry about God because they have a different worldview than mine," said the statuesque senior.

"My classes in missions have taught me to recognize different worldviews and the importance of building relationships," Price added. "What I have learned helps me focus on what others need to hear and how they need to hear it."

Knowing the secular modeling world consists of people with a variety of worldviews, Price appreciates what she has learned regarding contextualizing the Gospel. "Contextualization isn't changing the Gospel; it's making it relevant to how others see life. My classes helped me see this difference; otherwise I wouldn't have realized that people think differently and that their backgrounds affect how they view life."

"My classes have given more meaning to college by including God and the Bible to all the teachings," Price said.

Her education, Price said, has given "more to life that most people miss even if they go to church. For some people, church is like a habit where they don't focus. But being in classes and learning the Bible – that opens your eyes to so much more than just school and the classroom but to life outside the campus."

"I'm not going to college just to help me get a job," she said, "but to get a job to spread the Gospel."

Head women's soccer coach David McDowell is elated about Price's post-college plans and is encouraged about her Christian character, but he laments losing her from the soccer team: "Being a student-athlete is tough. It is a huge commitment of time, energy and self," McDowell said. "Chalice has not only embodied being a student-athlete, but she has excelled at it. She is sacrificial to her teammates both on and off the field, leads with a servant's heart, and gives one hundred percent in all that she does.

"Not only is she a superb soccer player, but her love for Christ and those she comes in contact with is a shining light," McDowell noted. "Her impact on our program and college will live on for a very long time, and her absence on our team will leave a massive hole."


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