Meritorious Service Award

(first award presented in 1989)

Presented annually to a person (may be alumnus or not) who has shown loyalty and commitment to Truett McConnell University through outstanding service, e.g., as a trustee, financial contributor, student recruiter, administrator, faculty member or some area of Christian service.

1989 **Mr. Jack Holcomb and Dr. Louise Holcomb (former students, faculty members and administrators of Truett McConnell)
1990 **Mr. J. C. Driskell (former faculty member of Truett McConnell and benefactor of the Truett McConnell Baptist Student Union program)
1991 **Dr. L. Lounell Mullis (former faculty member)
1992 **Dr. Pearl Nix (charter faculty member, trustee and scholarship visionary)
1993 Dr. Truett Gannon (pastor, former president of Georgia Baptist Convention, former chairman of Truett McConnell Board of Trustees)
1994 **Mr. Earl Payne (former faculty member)
1995 Mr. Colby Tilley (former Truett McConnell women’s basketball coach)
1996 Mr. Rodney Fitzgerald (former Truett McConnell faculty member and administrator; current Truett McConnell adjunct instructor)
1997 Dr. Helen Adams (former faculty member and drama director)
1998 – 2012 Not awarded
2013 **Mrs. Jessie L. White (former Truett McConnell trustee and former Alumni Director)
2013 Ms. Edna Holcomb (former Truett McConnell registrar, former Alumni Director) 1948
2013 Rev. Barry Thompson (alumnus and former trustee) 1973
2018 Willis Melvin Shephard 1960
2019 John O. Yarbrough (former president of the GBC, retired TMU Alumni Director, pastor) 1969